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Lotus Weinstock

Lotus Weinstock was astand-up comedian and author of a popular book of anecdotes, "The Lotus Position."

She described her humor as the compromise of her California cosmic right brain and her "Philadelphia Jewish" left brain. "The Lotus in me wants to be totally free. Weinstock will settle for a discount," she would say in her shows at the Improv and the Comedy Store and in her 1982 book, which sold 63,000 copies.

Never mean and never ridiculing others, Weinstock intelligently poked fun at health food, marijuana, cancer cures, extrasensory perception, motherhood and the husband she never lived with but who fathered her daughter, Lili Haydn.

"I was married to him for 18 years," went one line. "He was married to me for three. Possibly."

Other popular quips included:

"Unrequited love is just God's way of saying, 'Imagine how I feel.' "

"Remember, angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."

"I married Mr. Right. Mr. always right."

"Does God like us better when we're thin?"