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Forecast for Funny.

Fritz Coleman performs his standup routine on aging

Fritz Coleman’s DEFYING GRAVITY is a hilarious look at the comical calamities of aging. It’s for the delight of Baby Boomers and all those who hope to become part of the 50-plus crowd. Coleman reminds everyone, “Getting old isn’t pretty, but it sure is funny.”

“It’s really a lot of fun to recognize our shared experiences,” Fritz said. “It could be called a Baby Boomer support group.” The show resonates with people, and Fritz has observed, “Every generation has a similar feeling as they look back, hence the term ‘good old days.’ But these days we’re living through global threats and national politics, and people are thinking ‘what the heck’s going on.’ So I find that my show seems to crackle with people now because it harkens back to a time when life seemed more cut and dry, less complicated, and a little easier to cope with. So I provide a little nostalgia and fun.”

“Defying Gravity” showcases the comedy skills Coleman has honed doing his stand-up routines in clubs over the decades. As he wrote the show he performed pieces of it in nightclubs around the country and discovered that the material was funny for everyone.
Among the humorous subjects he tackles– aches, pains and medicine, plus seniors dating and what that does to the ego. He also delves into the frustration with technology. “For the older demographics, life speeds up but we slow down, and so our ability to absorb all the changes, which are happening faster and faster, become slower and slower. There’s nothing that makes you feel older then things being so technical that you can’t figure them out.”