1025 N Kings Rd

Suite #113 

West Hollywood,  CA

Dan Bennett

Dan Bennett learned to juggle in 1970 at just eight years old. In college however that he discovered his propensity for comedy.  While lecturing about ballistics he devised the object lesson now so central to his performances: catching a bowling ball with his face. There was no turning back once he discovered how fun it was to entertain with math, physics and economics.


Intellectual joke telling evolved into scientific bravado which in turn utilized the visual aids of juggling, balancing and prop manipulation. A show was born.


After earning a Master’s degree in mathematics from UCLA, Dan began headlining on the major cruise lines and in comedy clubs. Appearing on the tonight show with Jay Lenno , Arsenio Hall and other talk shows set Mr. Bennett on a course that has never turned back. He has been featured in some 30 commercials with corporations such as:

  • McDonald's

  • Coca Cola

  • Nabisco

  • Nu Skin

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Circle K

  • Quaker Oats

  • Pier One Imports

  • Big Planet

  • Baker's Square

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