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Pam Matteson

Pam Matteson, a stand-up comedian and impersonator who performed in the 1988 movie Punchline, passed after her third bout with cancer in the past decade. Matteson was 61.

Born Sept. 23, 1953, the Brooklyn native made her way toward Hollywood by the early 1980s, where she scored bit parts in episodes of TV’s Gimme a Break! In 1986, she performed as one of the Girls of The Comedy Store in an hourlong TV special headlined by Shirley Hemphill (What’s Happening?). Her appearance in Punchline as comedian “Utica Blake” soon followed, then credits which included The Tonight Show, a Showtime special, Comedy Central’s The A-List, and FOX’s primetime showcase The Sunday Comics. Her signature impersonation was that of Cher, which also allowed Matteson to show off her own singing chops — she’d also impersonate Cher in a Super Mario Bros. TV special.