1025 N Kings Rd

Suite #113 

West Hollywood,  CA

Chris Bliss

Chris Bliss is more than just a cool name.  He truly does it all.   He is a masterful juggler, a hilarious comic, and a graceful Host and MC.  


Chris has performed at the world-renowned Just for Laughs festival in Montreal.  He delivers intelligent and timely commentary about our world, in the tradition of great American satire from Mark Twain to Jon Stewart. Jay Leno featured Chris repeatedly on the Tonight Show, calling him "one of the brightest comedians around,” with the Washington Post adding that "if you're looking to laugh, you can't do much better than Chris Bliss.”


Chris was also one of the first surprise stars of the YouTube era, when his "Amazing Juggling Finale" video went viral to the tune of over 100,000,000 downloads. The video reprises the signature piece of his early career as an internationally acclaimed variety act, when he toured with superstars from Eric Clapton to Michael Jackson.


Other noteworthy accomplishments for this unconventional entertainer are his TED talk, “Comedy Is Translation”, which been viewed over 600,000 times on TED.com, and speaking appearances at Chicago Ideas Week, a citywide event committed to “the sharing of ideas, inspiring action, and igniting change to positively impact our world” that features national and global figures, and at Images and Voices of Hope (IVOH.org), an annual summit of thought leaders from across the media spectrum that explores the impact of media messaging on societies worldwide. 


One thing is certain. To paraphrase his write-up in the Washington Post, if you’re looking to laugh and think, you can’t do better than Chris Bliss.






Chris Bliss Live In Concert at the Montreal “Just For Laughs” Festival

Chris Bliss’s signature finale, astounding juggling set to music.